About Me

As a Boomer, do you feel like you have lived a good life but something is missing?

That was how I felt until recently. I realized I was no longer approaching retirement age; I was there. I also realized I was not in the position financially to retire on my terms. I was not able to travel, visit grandchildren, vacation in interesting places and do the things I wanted to do when we were raising our children.

I had always envisioned building a business that would out live me, provide a living legacy for my children and be an inspiration to my family. But time seemed to pass so effortlessly until I just woke up one morning and I was 65.

Something magically happen when we reach THAT age. We tend to feel out best years are past us, this is how I felt, but only for a short while.

I knew in some ways I was better than I have ever been so I knew I was still capable of creating something fantastic, even at this age.

Another obstacle I had to overcome was the limitations and negative thoughts that had held me back throughout my life. I had allowed fear to control my actions. All throughout my life my primary motivations have been of fear of failure and striving for perfection. I repeated these negative thoughts to the extent they almost become who I was.

Another obstacle that stood in my path was my inability to live in the present. I guess all of my life, or at least for as long as I can remember I have lived in the future. I was there but I wasn’t present. I did not get much enjoyment out of life because I wasn’t putting very much into life.

I supposed from the outside everything seemed to be fine but that was far from the case. Then, you know there are those people who seem to have all of the potential but never accomplish anything with it. They are referred to as having permanent potential. I would have fit perfectly in that group. So the level of success I could have enjoyed always eluded me. Some of you know what I mean.

It wasn’t that I didn’t realize I was carrying around a lot of baggage, we all are to some extent, I was just never able to pin point what the real issues were and commence to doing something about them.

There is a Chinese saying” When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”
I recently met my teacher and he not only explained what was holding me back but he instructed me on how to overcome these demons.

As a result of this discovery, I have mapped out a course that will be very emotionally and financially rewarding.

I have been considering internet marketing for a few years now, but since I was not very knowledgeable of computers I talked myself out of really taking any action on it and when I did venture out into attempting to get involved my desire for perfection limited my actions because I didn’t feel I was good enough.
All of that have changed now.

I am the most level headed, present person I think I have ever been. My wife love the new me, and I feel better about myself too. It is my desire to share these experiences with others who might be struggling with some of the same feelings, especially Baby Boomers, because we are nearer the end than the beginning of life. However, there is much we can still do over the next few years that will put things into play for us to have a ball and do something special, make the contributions life has been expecting of us.

The Law of Attraction

I have become a serious student of this law, I have written two books on this topic, one you can get free by Clicking Here (link to optin form)

The Law of Attraction explains how we attract the things we experience in life. Rhonda Byrne in her book “The Secret” explained in great detail how this Law works and gave examples from many current Gurus who credit knowing and applying it in both their personal lives and business for the level of success they have achieve, such as Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Hale Dwoskin and Dr. Joe Vitale.

I am benefiting from applying this Law in my life and I am excited to be coaching others in how they can achieve the same in their lives. To get your free copy of my eBook, “The Law of Attraction for Baby Boomers” Click Here and leave your name and email address.