Work With Me

I am excited you have arrived at this page and if you are considering working with me, great.

Let’s discuss why you might want to work with me.

  • I have been where you are.
  • I know what comes next.
  • I can help you find the way.

First, I have been where you are.

As a Boomer I know what it is like to have the feeling life has been good, you have raised a wonderful family, you have provided a stable home environment for them to learn and grow and develop. You may have been active in your church and community activities, and that is good, that is great. But how do you explain that nagging feeling that something is missing? With all that have gone right, there is something missing.

Second, I know what comes next.

Every child has many capabilities and he/she will be the happiest when he/she have chosen a career path and have done everything possible to maximize their full potential in that career field. But ask any person on any level and they will tell you what they still would like to have accomplished but fear held them back. Fear of success or fear of failure it doesn’t matter, they are both the same. They prevent us from attempting the very thing that will make us the happiest.

I understand these feelings extremely well. I have allowed what I thought I was not to prevent me from becoming my best self. It is not the wealth we have accumulated over the years but who we have become in the process.
We can’t discover our true selves until we have put ourselves outside of our comfort zone, until we are ridiculed, mocked, and questioned. It is only after we have overcomed these test that we can be our true selves. If you attempt to do anything constructive there will always be someone who will point out why you can’t succeed in that endeavor. I am here to support you in whatever pursuits you may be interested in.

Third, I can show you the way.

David Blanchard in his course “Intentional Creations” tells us that our life’s experiences have prepared us to serve others. We may have thought of our unpleasant experiences as an albatross around our necks when in reality it is the substance of our individual greatness.

I spoke earlier about our negative thoughts. Everyone has them to some degree, this is what I mean. Think back to when you were young, this might require more thinking on some of you than on others, but think back to your high school days. Remember, you may have seen this really cute girl or a really good looking boy that you were really interest in but that little voice said, no, better not, he or she won’t be interested in you, so you didn’t approach them. Them you find out later how nice and polite they were and you wished you had talked to them. How about this one. You decide later in life that you would like to go to college and pursue a degree in a particular field. The more you thought about it the happier you felt, then that old thought came, you can’t go to school at this late date. You have responsibilities now. You would not have time to study and prepare for class.

These are the negative thoughts I am referring to and unless we purge them from our conciseness they will continue to have sway over how we live our lives.

Come join us and find out how you can get rid of these thoughts once and for all!

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